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One Year on a Narrowboat

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“A must for people who enjoy a tale of mishaps and mayhem – so compelling, I couldn’t put it down!! I can’t wait to start the follow up.”


Colin Petersi (Amazon Customer)

Short excerpt from the book…

And so I know, somewhere in the soles of my feet, and in the lining of my gut, that I'm going to say yes to this call to adventure, and go on this hero's journey.

I may be as crazy as a coot to do so, but I am compelled, even though I've said many times I will never ever live on a boat, I can't stand water, I have a fear of drowning.

So that was that. I'd receive my own call to adventure, and in a way I can honestly say it is at this point that my story begins.

“Alan & Ayesha triumph with verve and spirit. What comes across so well is their optimism, dogged perseverance and humanity. A lovely and evocative read.”


M. Blake (Amazon Customer)

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