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“A wonderful adventure – inspirational and funny in equal measure! A great story with strong, rich themes. I read it in one sitting without meaning to… I couldn’t wait to find out how it ended!”


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James's sleeps were dreamless and undisturbed, and he woke each morning to his neat grey suit hanging in wait, his bowl of cornflakes, and the 08:33 number 24 bus that would drop him precisely 15 yards, 2 feet, and 3 inches from the door to Edward & Thompson's Chartered Accountants.

Life was perhaps not blissful, but it was safe, secure, and completely predictable.

But, of course, as been noted by sages throughout the ages, nothing in life remains the same, and so it was for James Howard Smith also.

His life was about to change.

“A wonderful, fun, uplifting tale! James Howard Smith is very identifiable… the part of us all that likes to play it safe but is destined for so much more. Great read – very inspiring!”


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