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When we set forth
fair weather followed us
we were a hundred
families, men, women
all gathered

We shunned
the silent towers
found the old tracks
and headed south
We were a hundred
no more, but enough
to birth a world

Children fevered
mothers fretted
three times we lost the trail
through hidden peaks
and icy vales

At first
we were a ragged bunch
a joiner, electrician
teacher, musicians
not much to bind us all

save everyone had heard the Call
felt it in their heart
we were a hundred
and grew together

We hugged the trail
and ate wild fruit
at night wee danced
we were close, we knew

A bird followed us
disappearing, appearing
and suddenly we stepped
from the parting jungle
and saw with our own eyes
what we had always known

A crescent beach, deserted
white sand
we sank to our knees
and gave thanks
we had arrived

We lit fires
and lying in circles
at the world’s feathered edge
far from the steel towers
we began to dream

On the third night
the Song began
a pure ethereal pulse
floating over the misted waves

For days and nights
the Song grew stronger
diamond bright
threading filaments
of information into our cells
our hearts our minds

Soon the Song will cease
and we will know enough
to birth a world

We are a hundred

Author Notes: I think I wrote very influenced by the idea that the Universe works in waves and cycles, one age evolving into the next, and that we are living on the cusp of a new cycle. The steel towers in verse 2 represent to me the rigid authoritarian structures we have built that keep us in fear and constraint.

Alan Denman

Alan is a British novelist and filmmaker, living close to nature on a boat on the River Thames with his beautiful wife Ayesha and a feisty cat called Lucy. He loves the philosophy of Joseph Campbell and carries this quote inscribed in his heart: "Follow your bliss and doors will open where you thought there were none".