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white sun
the folded land
sleep on green hills
four stern horsemen
drive their cattle
to new pastures
on a rock
by a river’s edge
a woman
scrubs a pair of jeans


lake estor
is a vast blue mirror
from shore to shore
a second world
in which
her body soft and liquid
a woman dances
with a pair
of jeans
and laughing horsemen
chase their shimmering cows
across the waves
whipped cream clouds
juggle hills
like green cups
and white suns
burst and multiply

Alan Denman

Alan is a British novelist and filmmaker, living close to nature on a boat on the River Thames with his beautiful wife Ayesha and a feisty cat called Lucy. He loves the philosophy of Joseph Campbell and carries this quote inscribed in his heart: "Follow your bliss and doors will open where you thought there were none".